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Sustainability & Social Works


Rajungan 10 Cm

Fresh On Time has made significant efforts to insure the sustainability of


We are member of APRI (Asosiasi Pengusaha Rajungan Indonesia), through this
organization and with other Indonesia members, we instill sustainable
practices through education, policy, and advocacy. Current initiatives
underway include:

– Implementing minimum catch sizes so that small crabs are left behind to
– Establishing rules to ban the harvest of pregnant (berried) females so
they can release their eggs.
– Developing holding areas for berried females, allowing them a safe haven
until they release their eggs.


Pelatihan Budi Daya Rajungan


Social Works

Charity Event


As a form of awareness and also as a means to strengthen ties with family and companies with the public, especially people around, therefore we organize social activities. The social activities has become a mandatory activity and become an annual event in our company.

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As part of the neighboring community, with high concern to the environement, PT Fresh On Time Seafood has always held a Social Event such as Charity and Donation every year, as a means to strengthenthe relationship between the community and the company.

As life is an wonderful opportunity to share love and help to each others, an opportunity to do something meaningful for the others. IMG_6808 Fresh On Time shows the care and responsibility to the local community. We have made sure that this will be annual program that we support and care

– Donation to local community during Christmas
– Donation to victim of disasters such as flood, earthquake, etc
– Donation to orphanage and disable1

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